Microsoft claims Sony fighting increased competition by opposing Activision deal

Microsoft has hit back at Sony for opposing the Activision Blizzard deal, valued at approximately $69 billion. Sony had recently claimed that Microsoft acquiring the Call of Duty game developers could compel gamers to switch from Sony PlayStation to Microsoft Xbox. Microsoft has been working towards acquiring Activision Blizzard, which has attracted a lot of attention, and not in a positive way. The deal is already under investigation by regulatory authorities from the European Commission, FTC, and even in Brazil.

The Quarry Update Adds Option for More Challenging QTEs

The Quarry enjoyed decent critical and commercial success upon launch, and the interactive horror adventure title has seen a couple of updates since its launch that have added new features and improvements, including an online multiplayer mode. Now, another update has gone live for the game, bringing another improvement that players are likely to appreciate. Publisher 2K Games recently took to Twitter and confirmed that a new update has gone live for Supermassive Games’ horror title. In addition to now letting players select subtitles for different languages with the original English VO, the update also adds an option to make the game’s quick-time events harder and master.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Review – online games Swinging on to PC

Not much has to be said about Marvel’s Spider-Man that hasn’t already been said before. You can check out our reviews on when the game was originally released as a PS4 exclusive, and our review from when it was remastered for release on PS5. With Sony’s recent push to release more PlayStation Studios games on PC, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was always going to be next in line. Right out of the gate, the PC port for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is phenomenal. We tested the game on two different configurations and it ran wonderfully on both.

Mega Man, Crash Bandicoot, And Gex

Why is that ’90s and 2000s fashion coming back as a new trend is so utterly distressing to those of us that were there, but ’90s and ’00s video game aesthetics resurfacing is a good thing? We don’t have answers for you, but we do have Frogun, a charmingly goofy action-platformer game that combines elements of pretty much every action-platformer between 1985 and 2005.
Whether you were a Banjo Kazooie gal, a Crash Bandicoot lad, or a connoisseur of Mega Mans, Frogun will no doubt grab you by the heartstrings and pull, thanks to its combination of low-poly art with pixel textures and its beepity-boopity 16-bit music.

Tekken 8 Seemingly Teased

Get Ready
by Robert Ramsey 1 hour ago
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We all know it’s coming, but we weren’t sure if Tekken 8 would finally be announced at Evo 2022. As it turns out, we think that the long rumoured title has been officially teased. After the Tekken 7 Grand Finals, Bandai Namco unveiled a balance update trailer, that ends with Kazuya’s original Tekken ending, in which he drops his father, Heihachi, off a cliff.
And then it cuts to a much, much, much better Kazuya model, and text that reads “Get Ready” appears.

‘Persona 5 Royal’ Nintendo Switch release date and latest news

Persona 5 Royal has finally been announced for Nintendo Switch. After years of waiting, and plenty of outcry from fans, players will be able to take on the adventure of the Phantom Thieves on the go. It’s all part of a series of Persona ports making their way to the handheld console. Persona 5 isn’t the first one in the set to release, so fans will have to wait a while to be reunited with Joker and the gang. Players will be happy to know that the Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5 will also include all DLC released for the PS4 version, finally bringing other platforms in on the fun.

“Stray” cat video game brings some benefits to real cats

NEW YORK (AP) — The virtual cat hero from the new video game sensation ‘Stray’ doesn’t just wind along rusted pipes, leap over unidentified sludge and decode clues in a seemingly abandoned city. The daring orange tabby is helping real world cats as well.Thanks to online fundraising platforms, gamers are playing ‘Stray” while streaming live for audiences to raise money for animal shelters and other cat-related charities. Annapurna Interactive, the game’s publisher, also promoted ‘Stray’ by offering two cat rescue and adoption agencies copies of the game to raffle off and renting out a New York cat cafe.

Sony INZONE Reveals Two Gaming Monitors for the PS5, Also Available for PC Use

Isaiah Richard, Tech Times 04 July 2022, 01:07 am Sony revealed its two new gaming monitors, bringing a new display for its PlayStation 5 that will benefit gamers with a new device to use for all gaming needs. It is a monitor, and users may hook up their consoles to it and expect a seamless experience. It is also available for PC use, focusing on a setup that brings it to the center of the devices.  Sony INZONE Gaming Monitors, Specific for the PS5 Console Sony revealed its two new gaming monitors for the world, and it is under the “INZONE” branding that brings a display for the PS5 console that aims to bring it to the tabletop.

Sodapoppin recalls his first major sponsorship opportunity: ‘I do personally feel like someone at Blizzard really doesn’t like me’

Screengrab via Sodapoppin on Twitch

Popular Twitch variety streamer Sodapoppin recently recalled the first major sponsorship he received early in his streaming career, a deal with Blizzard that quickly broke down. Sodapoppin is one of the most veteran streamers of all time, originally starting his career in 2008 on an obscure platform named Xfire. Transitioning to Twitch in 2012, the streamer managed to build one of the largest and longest-lasting communities on the website. Now hosting over 8.

How to Unlock Every Museum Item in Sonic Origins

In addition to offering remastered classic Sonic games, Sonic Origins allows players to unlock content in their Museum collection of music, artwork, videos, and animations. Sonic Origins is a rerelease of four classic Sonic games from the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive: Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. While each of these titles can be played in the original 4:3 mode, players can explore new content with the Anniversary Mode, Sonic Origin’s Mirror Mode, and through the Museum.